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This website is dedicated to the proposition that there should be 'modern' literature for recorder ensembles. Inside the 'Content' button you will find a "Download' button which will take you to my recorder transcriptions of Ragtime (dance music of the early 20th century), Popular Music (public domain tunes only), Folk Music from around the world, Hymn Tune arrangements (from my childhood), and many transcription of public domain music which was not usable in it's current form.

My original compositions are personal 'giant step'. From very early years my head has been filled with musical ideas. The few which have been completely realized were in the choral area and composed for the places that I worked. The original recorder 'things' are 'all me' but I must be willing to 'put my efforts were my mouth is' (mixed metaphor).

My 'Links' page will direct you to places where I have purchased recorder music. Frustration and disappointment over purchases which have not met my expectations has prompted me to build my entire website based on PDF files and Wave files for each composition.  You are free to download the wave files for future reference. The PDF files are very reasonably priced to make it rather silly to 'share' but financially easy to use.

I am making this considerable effort (my first website) to add to my income (fellow musicians will understand) BUT I truly believe that it is crucial for the recorder community to expand our performances past the period of the Renaissance and Baroque. We need to 'up our game' toward the goal of attracting new players and audiences.

All payment is through PayPal and the taxing system which I use requires that I have a rather unusual amout of information about who is making purchases. I really try to be honest about sending the appropriate taxes to your home states where legally required. Making the payment to Paypal gives you the right to download any purchase for 1 year. Please offer your feedback toward a more usable and satisfying web experience.

David E. Kemp BA, MM, MFA