About Mollenhauer

The picture of the Mollenhauer 'Elody' recorder in my logo  is copyrighted by Mollenhauer Recorders, Germany.  They have my thanks for allowing its use.

The choice of an 'Elody' is the perfect way to express my desire to have a forward looking website because the 'Elody' is a modern instrument for modern music. This excellent recorder is currently the most versatile available.  The sound in my opinion is sweet and clear with an extended range top and bottom. In addition the 'Elody' can be amplified with no loss in sound quality.

The most exciting of Mollenhauer's innovations is the ability to connect the ''Elody" to any kind of "virtual sound module" which adds to the variations of texture and sound available to the player and composer. Great job Mollenhauer, that is the way to lead the recorder world into the future.

Thank you, Mollenhauer Recorders, Germany.