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This grouping contains many of the pieces which I have arranged for Ursuline Academy and for the first hour of the Fort Worth, Texas 'Cowtown Recorder Society' monthly 'Play-in'. During the first hour we teach beginning players the first elements of recorder technique by using 'The Recorder Guide' and some very easy renaissance literature.

Everything in this section is free so please use and share.


"The Recorder Guide" Companion

"The Recorder Guide" is a fine older volume used to teach the beginning elements of playing the soprano and alto recorders. The chapters are very well put together containing solos and duets in graded levels. I have not duplicated that volume here.

What I have done is make it possible to teach beginning players in a consort setting by adding graded Tenor & Bass recorder lines to a great many of the duets used in the 'Recorder Guide'. The tenor and bass player do need to 'begin' by knowing 5 notes. Tenor needs to know G,A,B,C,  & D. The Bass need to know C,D,E,F & G.

If you don't know  or have not used 'The Recorder Guide" it is still available from "" of all places.. 

The two volumes, "The Recorder Guide" and the free "Recorder Guide Companion" work very well together.

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Christmas Carols

I taught for many years at Ursuline Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana so there will be several of these. Trouble is I have to find them in my computer.

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Folk Songs

These are simple folk song setting which I used when teaching.

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Same deal as Christmas. Use with good health and my best wished.

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Patriotic Songs

I will slowly add several Songs of American History which I have used over the years. Good luck to me and happy hunting.

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Shark Song

This folk song has become 'infamous' on the internet in video format. Well..why not use this simple melody to introduce the various recorder sizes. WELL..WHY NOT…. then following the intro (which should be very short) allow the children to sing along with all verses. This is not very interesting for the players but would be great fun for students.

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