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Here 'Pop Music' is meant as a softer alternative to 'Rock and Roll'. It includes many styles. These often have a spontaneous sing-a-long response.

  • Arranger: David Kemp


1922 - Tango Brasileiro

Ernesto Nazareth is a major composer in Brazil. His catalogue is 'deep and wide' all kind of wonderful music which i hope to set for recorder (well, at least a few maybe). This tango would sound great played by a recorder orchestra. It is scored for SnSATTBGbCb.

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A Perfect Day

Carrie-Jacobs-Bond was considered a major composer of popular music at the turn of the 19 century. He music continued to be popular through the 1940's & into the 1950's. 'A Perfect Day' could be called a crossover piece are vaguely religious and secular at the same time. The tune and harmonies are representative of the era.

Arranged for TBGbCb 'Perfect Day' could easily be played on SATB instrument which would give a great 4 foot and 8 foot sound.

This arrange is dedicated to my friend, Alice Derbyshire. 

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Alice Blue Gown

'Alice Blue Gown' was first published in 1919 and became popular.  In the 1960 it reappeared as a popular hit again during the 'Folk music era". My friend, Alice Derbyshire, ask me to make an arrangement of this one because it was one of her mother's favorites and for a friend that is a good enough reason.

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon

This was a mega-hit in 1909 with its popularity lasting well into the 1950s among my parent's generation. I just happen to have an original copy with a beautifully printed cover because the family of Eleanor Caldwell let me have all of her music after her death. Eleanor was my good friend and I treasure every piece and scrap.

This ATTB setting works well. Don't be surprised because I included the verse.

You can blame Myrtis Tate for this one.

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Fighting The Flames

Paul Rubens composed 'Fighting The Flames" in 1904. A 'Characteristic March Two Step' for piano  the cover says that it was "Published for All Instruments" which for the time probably means for Banjo Orchestra, Municipal Bands, and any number of instrumental combinations. 

The opening measures are intended to suggest the alarm bells at the fire house. After that just let you imagination blossom 

I have scored this for recorder orchestra (SnSATTBBGbCb) and will be adding a SATB arrangement later.
You can download it for no extra charge when it appears.

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Let Me Call You Sweetheart

"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" was composed by Leo Freedman in 1910. This pleasant melody and words remained popular through the 1950's and 60's. I recall hearing it on the televison when I was in high school and yes, that was about 55 years ago. 

Give it a listen. Works great at elder care facilities.

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St. Louis Blues

W.C. Handy was called the "Father of American Blues" . The 'Blues' goes much deep into the Mississippi delta but 'St. Louis Blues' is certainly a fine representive tune. I tried to do the feeling and style justice. It is fun to play.

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